community Modernization: A TDM to IP answer Webinar and White Paper

community Modernization: A TDM to IP answer Webinar and White Paper

Operators are struggling to control their growing older SONETSDH infrastructure, lots of which has passed its intended lifestyles span and has develop into a significant operational pressure. For years, operators had few architectural alternate options for community modernization. happily, circuit emulation CEM has emerged as a method of circuit-to-packet migration, notwithstanding many operators may not be aware of its scalability or its advantages yet.

be a part of us on Sept. 13, 2018 for our community Modernization: A TDM to IP solution webinar. Cisco, Heavy studying and Verizon have teamed up to show you ways CEM can be used for SONETSDH migration these days.

audio system include: Sterling Perrin, predominant Analyst, Heavy reading; Christian Schmutzer, primary Engineer, Optical methods, Cisco; and Glenn Wellbrock, Director, Optical Transport network, structure, Design and Planning, Verizon.

Stressing the factor that CEM is able now, we’ve additionally supplied a white paper  outlining Verizon’s circuit-to-packet modernization the use of CEM with MPLS, which is being deployed nowadays. Verizon’s expend case has extensive applicability to many other operators.

while circuit emulation has been around for years, scalability and density were required to allow the transformation described within the white paper. moreover, implementations of circuit emulation over packet CEP described in RFC 4842 had been lacking—that means that providers may emulate T1E1 and T3E3 costs low statistics fees—however not on the synchronous transport signal STS or virtual tributary VT direction degree required for SONETSDH features. These advances, combined with MPLS pseudowire transport, have made CEM in a position for mass acceptance and adoption.

because the 2000s, Verizon has been a number one innovator in the development and adoption of packet-optical technologies. Its community architectures have been intently adopted by means of all of the essential operators around the globe. here’s additionally the case with CEM adoption, during which Verizon is pioneering the manner.

each and every time Verizon rolls a TDM customer to the packet community, intermediate SONET multiplexers and DCS ports are idled throughout the community. When a multiplexer or DCS now not carries customer traffic, it can be removed from the community with no customer have an effect on—liberating up the associated space, power and upkeep actions.

Cisco’s reasonable and scalable options can help provider suppliers build the packet network of the longer term whereas nevertheless delivering private line TDM features at a fraction of the cost. Are you ready to modernize your community? Register for the light studying webinar and download the white paper.

Watch this weblog and observe me on Twitter as we proceed to discuss how Cisco is helping our clients innovate and transform their optical networks.

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